The hotel will remain closed until March 14th 2023
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Help us protect you from COVID-19


The security and wellbeing of our guests is Hotel El Palmeral’s top priority.

This establishment has had to take a number of measures in answer to the different rules regarding the present situation with the health emergency arising from COVID 19 and we need our guests to help and cooperate in their implementation.

That’s why we make use of this moment to inform you of the special rules of coexistence and use of the facilities to prevent COVID 19 infections. By proceeding with the reservation process or with maintaining an existing one you state your firm commitment to honour them and you give up on making any complaints or denounces about them. All of them are available at any given time both on the reception desk and on our webpage for your perusal and to refresh your memory about them.

As a GUEST you accept full responsibility in case of non-compliance with regards to preventive measures. You are informed that such a non-compliance can cause an immediate termination of your room contract, cancelling your stay without rights to any reimbursement of the services used or still to be used.

All the measures have been included in the bylaw of the internal regime of the hotel establishment, and also to its RIGHT OF ADMITTANCE. So, in case of non-compliance, and under the regional regulation that follows its application, this ESTABLISHMENT reserves the right to end the stay before check-out date.

All obligations and consequences that follow the compliance with all of the security measures are extensive to everyone, including minors, that is part of the family unit that uses the housing unit.

The detail of the rules the guest agrees to is as follows:

  • All over the hotel there will be posting signs with the measures and rules to be followed.
  • Different areas, spaces, public areas can be closed as the establishment sees fit and when it considers it necessary to do so.
  • The various services of the hotel can be modified or cancelled as the establishment sees fit and when it considers it necessary to do so.
  • The restaurant service, at any moment, may be modified again as the establishment sees fit.
  • If it is needed and in compliance with the actual maximum occupancy, a schedule / time limit of use may be applied to the use of certain services / areas such as restaurant or swimming-pool.
  • The different areas may only be used when they are not on their maximum occupancy, if this isn’t the case you will have to wait in accordance with the markings on the floor.
  • In the case of the restaurant, if the guest arrives and it is at maximum occupancy, he/she can wait until closing time. If closing time arrives and the guest has not been able to enter because it was still full, the guest will not be able to make use of the service and will have to pay for it anyway if it was booked in advance. Taking this into account, we entreat you not to wait until last minute to enter the restaurant and to arrive with time to spare to avoid such situations.
  • Practice the basic hygienic measures to prevent COVID 19:
    • Frequently washing /sanitization of hands, especially when entering public areas.
    • Using the internal part of your elbow to cover mouth / nose when sneezing or coughing or using disposable handkerchiefs and washing your hands afterwards.
    • Avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes in public areas.
  • The staff of the hotel and in particular the room service and maintenance staff will not enter any room while the guest is inside.
  • The use of hydroalcoholic gel is advisable when entering public areas such as the hall, lounge rooms, restaurant, swimming-pool… In particular when coming in from outside the establishment.
  • The measures to be taken when symptoms compatible with the COVID 19 illness appear, among those measures are worth noting the recommendation self-isolation (both the person affected and their companions) when noticing the compatible symptoms and to undergo a medical evaluation.
  • The use of facemasks is advisable everywhere in the hotel even if the 1,5 m of social distance can be maintained (with the exception of the swimming pool and when you are eating / drinking at the restaurant / cafeteria).
  • Social distance with people other than your travel companions is a must:
    • Avoid welcoming gestures that imply physical contact (i.e. hugs, kisses…)
    • Comply with the maximum capacity for the public areas, specifically those in which there is no staff supervising that compliance (lifts, lounge areas…)
    • Follow the schedules and other measures set by the establishment to comply with the permitted maximum capacity.
    • Comply with the distancing between people set in customer service areas, the restaurant’s entrance, buffet …
    • Do not remain into the room during the cleaning service or any maintenance or repairs that may have to be made.
  • In the face of any symptoms compatible with the COVID 19 illness (fever, coughing or respiratory distress): self-isolate (both the person affected and their companions) and inform the establishment by phone (reception desk / customer service) of the situation.
  • You are informed that if you are suspicious, positive or close contact with a positive of Covid 19, all extra charges due to any prolongation of your stay, additional room needs, additions to the booked meal plan or special transportation that you may need, will be paid by you except if you have an insurance contracted by either you or a 3rd party to cover these risks and the expenses they may cause. In this case you may derive any such expenses to the insurance so that they may reimburse you

We are at your disposal, to answer all your questions, in the reception desk by calling 0034965850176 or sending us an e-mail at

We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration.

Kind regards

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