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Day-by-day events of Benidorm's Fallas 2012
 Here you have all the events for this year's Fallas festivities in Benidorm.

We are grateful to the Tourist office and Hosbec for providing us with this information.

"PLANTÁ" (setting up) of the Falla:
Falla Benidorm: Plaza de la Hispanidad.
Falla Rincón: Av. Ametlla de Mar (opposite Burguer King).
Falla Els Tolls: Tomás Ortuño street.
FRIDAY 16TH MARCH: Commemoration of the Founding of the Virgin.
05:30 h. At dawn, air bombing, bell ringing and prayer to the Virgin of the Suffrage, at Plaza de San
Jaime. Then there will be a procession of the Virgin around the Old Town and a visit to the beaches, to
end with the traditional verse to the Virgin.. Afterward ,Thanksgiving Mass. When that ends, there will
be chocolate and cake for all the people present.
19:00 h. Parade of the Queens, and Major Fiestas Committee, to get to the Church of San Jaime.
20:00 h. Solemn Mass in Saint James Church.
08:30 h. "DESPERTÀ" (everyone will wake up with the sound of firecrackers), around the Falla
“Rincón de Loix” .
10:30 h. Music Band Parade, by the streets around Falla “Rincón de Loix”.
11:00 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls, around their quarter.
12:00 h. Parade of Falla “Rincón de Loix” to visit Falla “Benidorm” and then, both Fallas, will go visit
the Falla “Els Tolls”.
17:30 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls” to visit Falla “Benidorm” and, afterwards, both Fallas will go visit
the Falla “Rincón de Loix”.
08:00 – 08:30 h. "DESPERTÀ", in the streets surrounding the Fallas “Tolls” and “Benidorm”.
12:00 h. Parade, of the three Fallas members, around their quarter.
18:00 h. FLOWER OFFERING to the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James, with the participation
of the three Fallas Commissions, that will meet at Av. Europa / Av. Mediterráneo.
ITINERARY: Av. Mediterráneo, Perez Llorca, Martínez Alejos, Alameda, Mayor, Plaza de San Jaime.
MONDAY 19TH MARCH: Saint Joseph´s Day
08:00 – 09:00 h. "DESPERTÀ" (everyone will wake up with the sound of firecrackers).
12:00 h. Religious service in honour of Saint Joseph.
Falla Els Tolls: Buen Pastor Church.
Falla Rincón: Nuestra Señora del Mar Church.
13:00 h. Falla “Benidorm”. Religious service in honour of Saint Joseph at Saint James Church.
14:00 h. MAGNIFICENT "MASCLETÁ" (firecrackers sound show) at Falla “Benidorm” (Plaza de
la Hispanidad), Falla “Rincón de Loix” (Av. Ametlla de Mar ) and Falla “Els Tolls” (C/ Tomás
18:00 h. BIG PARADE OF FLOATS, with the participation of the three Fallas Commissions.
ITINERARY: Ametlla de Mar Av, Mediterraneo Av, Plaza Hispanidad (Madeira Hotel).
23:00 h. "CREMÁ" (Bonfire) of the children Fallas: Benidorm, Rincón and Els Tolls.
00:00 h. "CREMÁ" of Falla Rincón de Loix.
00:30 h. "CREMÁ" of Falla Benidorm.
01:00 h. "CREMÁ" of Falla Els Tolls.


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